Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Directory Submission Social Bookmarking Commenting Article Submission Dofollow Gov Edu Backlink Site List

In This post I will represent  about best  site list for directory submission social bookmarking  love commenting  social media do-follow .gov and .edu back-link site list. These site list I found after a one year research and searching  all sites are manually tested and I found very meaning full these site and back-links but when I was searching about these sites I faced a lot of issues that  I will share with If you don’t want to face these issues and simply want  manually tested sites list for back-link you should follow this post. Remember that don’t  create all back-link or don’t do commenting  on many site in a single day otherwise your site can be spam and resulting you will get zero organic traffic. Before I start strategy regarding back-links I would like to share some issue and experience that I faced during my work. Below is the list about issue and it wasted my a lot of time if you want save you time and struggle simply follow manually tested list.

Problems  with many site
some are fake submit button dont work
some capta are not working fine you spent alot time
some after filling data say payment needed
some site redirected to other url like markeing entertainment and etc
some site when you press submit button code html blasted
some want compulsory recirprocal link
some site dont loads
some ULR expired
some sites only launched a screenshoot and domain for sell rate it.
some after filling data site says we are sorry we dont accept blogspot  we only accept top level domain
some says we are only accepting web directory submission site
Mysql duplicate error already user exist with name and email
Page can not be reach can not be found
some shows when press submit -- Eror
some shows Submission queue is temporarily suspended for maintenance

Following Directory submission site is manually tested and all site works well and having  approval with Strong backlinks but never submit link to many site in single day and It is not necessary you submit home page link to all site you should also submit other links of site to different directory. If you have any difficulty to access directly submission page simply go on home  and click on addurl or submit site.

Before submit directory you must submit your site to Top free seach engines simply click and follow instruction :- 

Directory Submission Site List



Best edu gov and org com commenting dofollow sites list

Other  good sites for commenting

Scoial bookmarking sites list You must be register on site before login then you can submit or save links.